still a salty bum It happens. The general consensus is that everyone is so elated to be OFF today and here I am, aggravated that I have been OFF since April 30th. I spent everyone else's OFF day revising cover letters, emailing resumes, and catching up on weekly unemployment claims. I received my severance...whippty-friggin-do. I know, I know...this is all a process. I'm just tired. I want to be able to say TGIF, wish someone a Happy Hump Day, or enjoy a holiday. It just seems that I am more on the grind as an unemployed person than I am as an employed one. I know that this is only temporary, but that doesn't take away my mood swings. And it seems that no one can lay me off from being human.

On a brighter note, here's the End-of-the-Week Wrap-up..

J made his acting debut on Thursday. Now, when he would say, "I gotta memorize my lines," I always thought that he was on some "Den.zel trip" and he probably only had one line and was standing off to the side somewhere. This lil dude had a major part and did well...that is, when he wasn't lipsync'ing the songs (a practice often recognized when he was in the children's choir at church). Other kids were coming up to him afterwards and saying how they liked his character. He was so proud of himself and I was beaming too. He got a would've thought that it was an He told me that he wanted to do this again next year. That's, if someone would love to tell me how next year is going to roll, I will be a happy camper. These extracurriculars ain't cheap.

We had a casting party afterwards, but then I had to rush J to his little league game. This was his last game before the playoffs. After the team's first win, the coach admitted to never having won a game before. Fast-forward to the end of the season, the Astros are ranked #1 in the playoffs. After they won AGAIN on Thursday, these little people were excited! J had a long day and was extremely tired by the end of it...after his breakthrough performance and all. But there was more to do...I had to drive to Balti.more that night for my best girlfriend's (from high school) graduation on Friday morning from John.s Hop.kins.

I am a slight germaphobe, so I don't like hotels. My girl had rented out some rooms at the Econ.olodge and I tried my best to "swallow my saddity" for one night only. Didn't happen. There was something nasty on my pillow, the bathroom looked a hot mess, and I contemplated sleeping in my car. Luckily, I made it through the night without being assaulted by some 4-legged creature. But best believe that I was the first one with my bags in the car, 'ret ta go. But despite the accomodations and the heat, I am happy that I got to see my DAWG walk across the stage that next morning. As I told her, I am too unemployed and too close in proximity to NOT go. It would have been all good had my girl's sis-in-law not try to pimp me out to the other guy friend that was there. As I told her, I need to figure out this job situation first before I can concentrate on anything else.

Afterwards, we went to Philip's in DC for lunch. I have applied for jobs in DC, but after driving around the area, I think that I'm certain that I don't want to make that move. Someone once said that I needed a personal assistant. Apparently, I need a chauffer as well. I had already gotten lost in B-more and then I got lost AGAIN in DC. Anyway, Navy met up with the crew at the restaurant and all was right with my world. Well actually, I had some crawfish, clams, and crabs so all was DEFINITELY right with my world. It WAS good seeing Navy though and to personally congratulate him for getting into medical school. It seems like it was just yesterday when we graduated from TU in engin.eering...wondering what in the hell we were going to do with our degrees, lol.

With a full belly and serious headache, I toured my girl's new crib in northern VA (to which she wants me to help decorate). She's pushing me to go into interior design (which wasn't the first time that I heard that), but I don't know if I can make such a career transition at THIS time. But I will most definitely help her spend HER money and bring to life her blank canvas...I ain't got shyt else to do, right?

Happy Mem.orial Day, employed people.


Serenity3-0 said...

Glad you got out to have some fun and see some familiar faces.. Maybe you should look for some jobs in Charlotte!

chele said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Keep your head up, I know something will come your way soon.

ali said...

Hang in there!! Something will be on it's and believe in that..put it out in the universe and watch it unfold!