can I write about hair now?

I'm pretty boring in the hair department, hence the reason that I haven't posted much about it.  I'm still trying to find a good mix for a deep conditioner.  Everytime that I think that I am using the same ingredients, I get sporadic results.  And then end up trying to retrace my steps when I had THE best consecutive hair days.  Also, I haven't used shampoo in weeks and am still trying to figure out if that's a product that I'll exclude altogether.  So far, so good.  My go-to style for the moment:

My son is not a fan of the ponytail (nor my wearing my glasses, for that matter).  He keeps telling me that he prefers my hair to be "wild".  I, on the other hand, don't mind a ponytail while I'm still battling this heat.  And this seems to be the only way that I can rock a wash and go b/c I dislike how limp my hair looks in the front as it grows out.  One thing I can's going to take me a minute before I give up my Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter.  in fact, I'm about to hop in the shower and spend some quality time with it again as I slick my hair BACK into another ponytail after rocking this for 4 days: 

First thing that I thought when I heard word that Hurr.icane I.rene was supposed to hit the east coast was that I'll use that downtime to henna my hair.  And so I did.  But then the f'in power went out.  Thank goodness I have gas, so I still had hot water.  So, imagine me trying to do my hair by flashlight.  After a while, I just gave up, lol.  We only lost power for 10 hours so I was able to resume styling, the following morning.  What you won't do...for love.  But anyway, I think the henna is giving me more hangtime.

2 years, 3 months strong, but the way my hair tangles is driving me insane!  What kind of product do I need to prevent THAT?!

10 - mini-me is not so mini anymore :(

Celebrating my one TRUE labor day, the day that I gave birth to my lil man, J.  He turned 10 today.  Good Lawd, YA'LL are getting old, lol.

Truth be told, I've written about 3 blogs since my last posting, but I scrapped them b/c I'm just not ready to share.  I need some time to get comfortable again.  BUT, I had to celebrate my baby's birthday on blog.

My boy, Navy, came down for the weekend and took care of us.  My crew had a cookout on Saturday and surprised J (and me) with a cake.  My lil man even learned how to play spades and got to sit at the mens table.  (Next up, dominoes, lol).  We had a great time as I served everyone on some more MJ Ex.perience.  Then on Sunday, Navy treated us to King's Do.minion.  I was mistaken for J's older sister by an entry photographer at the park, but it's cool.  J had a blast and we closed it down!

Today, I woke him up and gave him his gifts.  He was so appreciative that he hopped out of bed just to give me a big hug.  I love that lil boy so much.  I was "allowed" to drop off cupcakes at his school and I made sure NOT to kiss him in front of his friends (the biggest gift that I could give), lol.

Happy Birthday to the greatest joy in my life! (only 8 more to go)