consider it watered...

This week's excuse for non-blogging is brought to you by the letter N, for Neglect. When I think of that word, I am reminded of the time when some girlfriends of mine from my old job came over for dinner and wine a month after I moved into my new home for an intimate housewarming. One gave me a corkscrew and some wine glasses (2 of which I have since broken) and another gave me an odd-looking plant that I loved and named Bella. Wine glasses...well, not my most prized possession since I'm not much of a wine drinker. But I was drawn to that plant...she wasn't all frilly and girly, a perfect match for me. I put her in a place that you'd see her at every entrance to my house. Well, soon that new-ness wore off...I forgot to water her as often as I should. I soon noticed that she was slimming a bit...stressed even...and I thought if I changed her position that the differing amounts of sunlight and temperature would save her. However, she has been withering away because of my inconsistency...kinda like this blog. So, here's my attempt at watering.

My baby lost one of his 2 front teeth during lunch today. I am relieved b/c I was so tired of looking at that thing struggling to hold on for the past week. His teacher was kind enough to send it home in a little baggy. Is it weird to save your kid's teeth? I probably should've polled some mothers, but I remember sorting through some of my momma's things a long time ago and finding these baby teeth all wrapped up in a tissue inside a ceramic music box. Since then, I thought that it was something that you were supposed to do, so I planned to add this tooth to the other one that I have stowed away in my top chest drawer. (He lost another one while in the N.O. with my dad, but that regional tooth fairy gives 5 bucks so I need to erase that from his memory...there's a tooth recession up here in VA.) However, when he showed me his now naked gums, I realized that I had absolutely no change on me and it was too late to go to a bank and ask for specific bills. So I ran to Walgr.eens to pick up some light bulbs just so that I could use my debit card and get money back in the bills that I need to help the regional tooth fairy out. We get back home and go through the business of tucking this tooth under his pillow, talking about what he expects and how strong he thinks that tooth fairy must be to lift his big head up off the pillow in order to slide the money under it. So I go on about my business and then J starts talking about something else that he wants for Christ.mas. I slipped and said something about checking with San.ta and then we both paused. I couldn't even believe that I mentioned San.ta when I never play into the whole San.ta thing and J looked at me as if I had flipped my wig, b/c he knows PawPaw is the MAYNE this time of year. So as the 5-second stare down progressed, I broke the silence and laughed at how we both can't get with San.ta but I'm jumping through hoops over the daggone regional tooth fairy. Go figure.

The J.O.B. is still great. My one year anniversary is this month. I was also blessed with a nice bonus that came RIGHT ON TIME. So as my supervisor is going through the spiel of how the principals think that I deserve "this much" of the profits, blah, blah, blah, he mentions to me that he is pleased with my work and that I should come up with a percentage that I'd be happy with come raise time and notify him ASAP. I wanted to say, "hey, go on and double that bamma" but I guess that professionalism...and key.

And so there is Jesse. If people still use the term "kicking it", then that would be what we're still doing. A lot is going on with us, at the moment, so I can't really predict anything. All I can say is that I've relaxed a lot since the last blog. If our secret isn't already out at the office, it will be come our Ho.liday during the middle of next month. Unless something happens between now and then, we'll be going together and will probably make it a little obvious that we're more than just a little sweet on each other. Discretion escaped us a long time ago, in all honesty. There have been a few sightings of us leaving work together. Unless we have lunch meetings, we eat together...and in large groups, sit next to each other and share food. One time he asked for some of my soup and after his lips met the spoon that I held out for him, I realized 3 seconds too late that there were other people around. To play it off, I offered to spoon-feed the other young guy at the table...not a good look but it got a hearty laugh. It's also official...we will be having Thanksgiving with his friends and all of our kids. "His friends" includes a coworker of ours, who happens to be dating his best friend. I won't even detail the excuse that J's dad gave me for not being able to trek it up here for the holiday. I'm just grateful that I don't have to look at him or try to work him into our plans. All in all, it should be pretty fun AND MOSTLY I just want the time off.

Oh, I forgot...a sista found a Po.peye's in. this. piece. And once again, it's on...

monday came...and went

As I recall, I was all-too-concerned about how I was going to react to Unc.le this past Monday...when less than 24 hours after I wrote the last post, I was back over at Jesse's, partaking of the free cat scratches. Nothing SERIOUS happened...and I was smart this time. When it looked like the sun was merely THINKING about settling in for the night, I got the heck out of dodge. BUT SINCE..he has been over to help J (aka Harry give out Hall.oween candy...he has re-introduced me to his best friend (who I had already met at the theme park a few weeks back AND who is currently dating another co-worker of ours)...and some way, some how Thanksgiving plans were made when I decided that I wasn't about to drop $500 for plane tickets to go back home (his best friend wants us all to get together for the holiday).

NOW, dude is talking about going to church with me (a church that I attend with ANOTHER coworker) and joining my Tuesday lunch Bi.ble Study group when I didn't even think that he was THAT religious/spiritual/whatever of a person. NOW, dude is saying things like "You could be pregnant" when I even mention that my stomach hurts but yet, he's the only one smiling after a statement like that and saying how it would be ok, b/c we'd have pretty babies. NOW, dude is taking measures to stop smoking at the mere mention of me saying that it bothers me b/c we both have family histories of cancer. His son has even gotten in on the act...trying to keep J and I over at his crib last night when they KNEW that I had no plans to stay b/c I needed to come back home so that I can get ready for church today.

We had THE talk...I said that I was getting used to the age difference...I said that I still had an issue with the work situation...I said that he was not the first white man that I dated, but certainly the first that found out all of Vict.oria's secrets...I said that I feel weird...and he stood there unphased. Ya know, a certain chick, who will remain nameless **cough** S23 **cough**, LAUGHED when I said that I didn't want to wake up and be in a relationship...but this sure as heck feels like we have LEAPED over into something serious and I'm on the verge of freaking.the.heck.out! I was trying to hold off on making any decisions until January 1st, but at this rate, I feel like I'm about to be married and knocked up by Christmas.