the cgw diaries - the island girl ramble, mon'

So I had an awesome time this weekend, but I'm in a "I am tired of my hair" mood. Short is not a problem, b/c I've had short hair several times before, but short and natural is a whole 'nother animal. It's not long enough for me to do anything besides wash 'n gos. And then, it just shrinks up so much that I give up. I'm just bored with it. However, I don't have the money to invest in all kinds of products that may make it do flips and somersaults. I went to a picnic in DC on Saturday and there were more natural heads there than not which is great, but I found myself coveting everyone else's curls/coils.

Anyway, I barely sat down Friday night b/c my dance card was FULL! I managed to put a flower in my hair to spice things up a bit. And yeah, me and SIP were REALLY SPICY on the dance floor. He even pinned my flower on his coat jacket, which got this other chick to back away who kept trying to block me. Unfortunately, when I got tired and tried to work my way through the crowd, I was spun around by someone else. Needless to say, those shoes HAD to come off but I had my emergency flip flops in my purse! I said that to say that although I'm tired of my hair, I was still told that I was "sexy" a few times and barely got a moment to breathe. So, my confidence has yet to take a dive, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have a dream about spending an evening with a Fabu.laxer instead. Did I mention that this white chick grabbed my waist and complimented me on my ass? Um, yeah...I got a bit TOO MUCH attention.

Still growing (I guess),
Curly Girl Wonder aka LB


OK, so I have nothing to say...I was just tired of looking at my apple ass head on blog, so this short post should scroll it down a little. I'm getting ready to leave for DC in a couple of hours to celebrate with Navy...he's going to medical school. I am so proud of him. As far as my next opportunity, we'll see. The lady that I interviewed with in DC called me back and well...pretty much offered me a job, but it looks like the project will only last 3 months and we have yet to talk about money. At the same time, a guy that I had a phone interview with back home has pretty much offered me a job but would still like to meet with me in person to discuss details. I'll probably explain all of this next week. In the meantime...

I [hope to] see some fellas tonight that should father my baby, babayyyyyyy...

the cgw diaries - my thoughts on henna

I will not apologize for not wearing make-up...I WILL apologize for looking half-sleep, lol. But this is a pic of the curls after my weekend henna/amla treatment. I don't think that my bathroom pics are doing the coils justice, but they're fiercer than normal, lol.

It's funny how I thought that my posts on hair would be few and far-between, but I decided that I needed to do a quick update since I wanted to share my new experience.

So, this weekend I thought about my aunt's comment in my last post and considered buying some double-stuffed or.eos, but I ended up at my local Ind.ian grocer instead. I was on the hunt for some henna that I could cop locally instead of paying mad shipping charges from an online store. I bought 100g of Mumtaz Al-Aroosa henna for $1.99 and 100g of Amla powder for $2.99. I have already heard good things about Amla, but the main reason why I purchased it was to counteract my curls potentially loosening with the henna application. I have henna'd 4 times before and never noticed this phenomenon but I decided that I didn't want to take any chances and Amla would serve as my hair "cond.om"...I'm just not ready to sacrifice curls in the name of love.

I have VERY fine hair that pops if you so much as look at it cross-eyed. I like henna b/c I have experienced less shedding after using it the previous times. I wash my hair with conditioner pretty often - almost every-damn-day. My hair doesn't particularly care for this but I can get kinda anal about it looking "fresh" now that its short. I know that its considered normal to shed up to 100 strands of hair a day but I get nervous when I see 6. I want it all! But anyway, henna is especially good for me b/c its all natural and I'm allergic to PPD and have had to get a shot in my ass after using a drugstore dye. I've shared my last experience with black dye on here and yes, it was not a pretty sight on my scalp and neck. I kept all of my pretty hair though...

But anyway, "hooked on henna" works for me! Unfortunately, this Al-Aroosa didn't. Not b/c it was ineffective but b/c I was too chicken to use it. As soon as I got home, I did some research on it and have read that some people have had a bad experience with the brand...from tender/sore scalps to not being able to wash it out completely and shedding b/c of it. So I just chalked it up as a $1.99 loss. As sensitive as I am to products, I need not take that chance. I still had some Jamila brand henna from a sale that I caught on Ama.zon.

Tip: If you decide to use Jamila henna, then I would make sure that its the "Super Sift", date stamped one in the foil package. After having tried both the foil and the cellophane (which is what I have now), the "Super Sift" seems to be a bit stronger.

This Amla; however...yeah, I fools with this, yo! LOL! The box says, "Even as it controls hair loss, it stimulates hair roots, and promotes hair growth." You can supposedly use this joint on your skin but um...I'm not THAT bold. My skin is a whole 'nother subject and I can suffer a skin allergy just by THINKING of a new product to put on it. I haven't noticed anything bad on my scalp though so it may be a legitimate skincare product.

I mixed about 50g of henna, 50g of Amla, green tea and honey. I applied it and slept in it. Got up, washed it out, and deep conditioned it. Styled it with a little bit of my Hell.o Hydrati.on conditioner and applied my castor oil for shine. My hair is loving me right now. Henna and Amla will be a major part of my monthly haircare regimen. With them, I shall reach my big hair goal. I have big cheeks, so I need the big hair for camouflage, lol.

I'm gonna try to go a few days without washing it. I have a party to attend in DC on Friday night so I gotta make sure that the curls are poppin' then...as well as my attire, which I always wait until the last minute to figure out.

Still growing,
Curly Girl Wonder aka LB

the curly girl wonder diaries

So, it's been a little over a month since the big chop.

When I look at pics, I can't see too much of a difference in growth.

BUT...I can't get the hair near my temples and hairline to lay down like I used to. I guess that's a sign that it is growing b/c it keeps curling up on me everytime I try to attack the hairs with a toothbrush (that I use for my edges). I guess that my curls overall are getting bigger too.

Whereas I don't have a desire to relax my hair, I DO have a desire to go get it faded up again. I have to remind myself that I didn't get it cut short for the sake of it being short. I had to go short for the sake of it all being natural.

Anyway, I didn't want to make my whole blog about my hair, but it is a journey for me...much like weight loss, vegetarian conversion, or travel may be for others. So, there may be posts on here from time to time. So...

1st Month Mythbuster:

I thought that if I cut my hair off and went natural, then I wouldn't have to pack as much when I travelled.

Nixed my curling irons, Pro.claim glosser, bandana (to wrap my hair), magnetic roller and hair clips (for my wrap), comb, brush, Iso.plus.

Packed Hell.o Hydration conditioner, V05 Mois.ture Milks conditioner, Giova.nni shampoo, plastic shower caps, satin cap, castor oil, olive oil, rose.mary oil, water bottle, Aubre.y Organ.ics (deep conditioner), toothbrush, Kink.y Curly Cur.ling Cus.tard (scooped a little into my old Iso.plus jar to tame my edges).

And yeah...when I flew down south, we were on ter.rorist level alert orange. I miss the days when my toiletries were in my carry-on. My carry-on only carried my shoes b/c I couldn't fit them in my suitcase with all the terr.orist threats that I was packing.

Comment of the Month:

"Just b/c you're bored doesn't mean you do sh*t to yo' head. Eat cookies and gain weight, but leave yo' head alone." - T Val

My auntie...what can I say? It is what it is.

Still growing,
Curly Girl Wonder aka LB



Scene: My mom and I walk into Kentuc.ky Fri.ed Chi.cken (KFC).

Cashier: Yes ma'am, may I take your order?
Mom: I'll have a chi.cken pot pie and uh...
Cashier: Hold on, ma'am...**hollers to the back** Do we have some chicken pot pies ready? Um, ma'am, that'll be a 15 minute wait.
Mom: **slightly disappointed** OK, well let's see...I'll have a 2-piece white and uh...
Cashier: I'm sorry ma'am...that'll be a 10 minute wait.
Mom: **agitated** OK, just give me some chicken strips and I'll have...
Cashier: That'll be 5 minutes on the strips.
Mom: **highly pissed** This is Kentuc.ky Fri.ed CHICKEN, right? What in the hell do ya'll have back there. Get the manager.
Manager: Yes, ma'am.
Mom: I have stood in this damn line and had my mouth all ready for some food and none of it was ready.
Manager: Ma'am, I'm sorry but...
Mom: Sorry? You're not sorry. I've been standing here for 15 minutes just to get to this counter for nothing. I don't know why ya'll call this KFC when it should be DFC for Don't F*ckin' Care!
**snickers from the line**
Mom: **faces the line** Ya'll might as well turn around b/c it ain't like they got sh*t cooked!
**I walk out, head down in shame, lol**


Scene: I'm sitting on the couch watching TV with a guy that I was dating.

Mom: I'm gonna just go in the back and leave ya'll here. **door closes**
Guy: **thinking with other head** So... **leaning towards me**
Me: My momma is right in the other room!
Guy: She won't know...
Me: I doubt that...
**guy says something in Spanish and it was sexy as hell, so I figured that a little make-out session wouldn't hurt nobody**
Later that evening...
Me: So ma, I wanted to ask you if...
Mom: Who's been grabbing you around your neck?
Me: hunh?
Mom: Go look in the mirror.
Me: Ok....
**look in the mirror to see that guy has broken the record of how many hickies you can give a person in one night; 4 on the left and 1 on the right**
Me: Uh...
Mom: **chuckles**
**I mistakenly think that I'm in the cool**
Next day...my minister uncle is in town...
Mom: Hey, did you see her neck?
Uncle: **inspects hickies** Oh, what's been going on? Do we need to talk?
Mom: She's alright. As long as his mouth stays up there, I KNOW it ain't anywhere else.


Scene: My mom was sitting in my dorm room telling me and my roommate some stories.
Me: Hey ma...when you and my dad met did you just know that you'd marry him?
Mom: Oh hell no! I didn't want him. I didn't even like him b/c he was FAR from my type. He just wore me down and well...I was kinda ready to leave Chatt.anooga.
Me: Oh...wow...that was uh...heartwarming.

It's hard to believe that it's been 10 years ago today since my mom passed. I'm not even quite sure of how something can feel like yesterday; yet, feel like a lifetime. I miss her all the same. I would think that, by now, parts of me wouldn't still feel like its unfair or that I don't fully understand why. But I'm not gonna wallow in that and I'm gonna try not to be sad today.

I'm just remembering the kind of woman that she was and wondering if she's partying it up, spanking MJ while going down the Heavenly Soul Train line, blaming it all on the boogie.

Keep Him laughing, ma...

how NOT to succeed at an interview...

Yesterday, I had an interview for an engin.eering design firm. However, I could not find said firm anywhere on the 'net, so out went my research. I soon discovered that there was a reason for that.

My interview was with an archite.ct, who is a partner of this phantom firm. I went to his office to find people so casual that I thought that they were moreso dressed for the park, than an office setting. When I saw this one chick walking around barefoot, I thought "how in da hell do I end up in some weird a$$ places?" Now, my minor is in architectural studies so I spent a lot of time in the architectural building on my old campus...and yes, everyone there was a character. I guess that makes me one too and I just fail to see "them" in me. Anyway...

The guy greeted me in the waiting area and I followed him to his office...overdressed, mind you, b/c I had on a suit that was making me sweat bricks in this hot setting. He explained that the design firm was something that he and his partners failed at in the past and he'd like to get up and running again. I gave him the "people's eye.brow." He continued on to say that a lot of the projects that he's done lacked communication between disciplines and often encountered many problems during construction. I sighed at the thought of how disorganized this operation seemed to be. I asked him several questions with regard to how his firm goes about communicating with the engineers and he looked almost lost. So I through out some suggestions.

Yeah, he was supposed to be interviewing me, right?

I asked if he had a location for this new office. He said no. I suggested that he save on overhead and allow the engineers to set up satellite offices at home (if there were pressing projects in the meantime) until he figured that out. He seemed to agree. But I also said that if he wanted to minimize the adversarial relationship between archi.tects and engineers, he might consider a closer location to his architecural firm so that there is no excuse for any lack of collaboration.

So who was interviewing who?

I'm just at a point, apparently, where I just don't give a sh*t anymore. Forget all of those tips that the web tries to offer on successful interviewing skills.

And even after all of that, he seemed interested, asked for my references and then introduced me to another partner.

I'm tired, ya'll.


So...while back home, I made a decision. I decided that if I hadn't heard anything along the lines of "we'd like to extend an offer of employment" by the beginning of August, then I'm making moves to go back to New Or.leans. This is mostly based on J having to start school in the fall, which is quickly approaching. I've dicussed this decision with my dad and stepmom. Of course, my dad was grinning in hopes of keeping J there full time. As he said, "And now Christ.mas can be right here in New Orl.eans where it should be." And that's when my stepmom jumped on board b/c for the past 2 Christmas(es?), my dad has spent it with me and J in VA.

I have mixed feelings, actually. There are just as many pluses and minuses to being here or there. And then some may say that there's much more to the world than just Rich.mond or New Or.leans. I agree; however, I know what's best for me and J at this point in our lives. I have applied in several places though and I would have to judge each opportunity (if it came along) accordingly.

One thing for sure, I credit my spiritual growth to being removed from the N.O. Unfortunately, I feel as if I have regressed from where I used to be spiritually...say, 3 years ago, but that doesn't negate the value of these past 4 years. Maybe it's just that I've found some sort of balance, but admittedly, I am not where I want to be.

Not too long ago, I had my heart set on moving back to New Or.leans. As less exciting as it is perceived to go back home and as underdeveloped as the N.O. is in certain areas very familiar to me, home is home. The weird thing is, I have NEVER been close to family. I was close to my mom and didn't care to be bothered with anyone else. I feel as if I'm just getting to understand and appreciate my dad as a man and I actually like him (and see where a huge part of my sense of humor comes from), lol...a far cry from my feelings of indifference or worse. But there is something tugging at me, desiring a closeness to the people that share my cheekbones. And of course, there's J. I don't know what either of my grandfathers looked like; let alone, knowing what it's like to be spoiled by them.

I have this feeling of anticipation. I don't know where God is going to lead me. I have faith and I've done my "works", so only time will tell. In the meantime, I've made that decision.

sights and sounds of the N.O.

parlaying at a jazz lounge

Shan (4 y/o niece): I need to call my manager. **picking up old cell phone**
Me: Manager? Why are you calling your manager?
Shan: 'Cuz I need to get my money. **talking in phone** Hello, I need MY MONEY NOW!
Me: Hunh? **Shouting to everyone in the house** What ya'll in here teaching this girl?

old school jazz

Scene: My boy came over late one night. We sat on my dad's couch and started clowning each other until 2 in the morning.
Shawn: I have no love for Prince fans! You prolly ain't thought nothing about Mike until now!
Me: That's a lie. I was just reenacting all the dance moves from his videos with my friends on my bday. The one that you failed to acknowledge.
Shawn: N*gguh, please! You don't know nothing 'bout no Thrill.er.
Me: Do you know who directed the video?
Shawn: Mar.tin Scor.sese?
Me: Naw!
Shawn: Then who???
**dapping each other...we have a 6-year ongoing game and I was crowned that night...childish, maybe so, lol**

the 4th - dad tending to the q

Dad: **walking in the livingroom with his shirt off, patting gut** Boy, if your girlfriends were here now, they'd probably pass out looking at my "case".
Me: Your case? Whatchu talkin' 'bout?
Dad: Ya know how some men have 6-packs...well, I got a whole "case" for 'em.
Me: **laughing and shuddering at the same time**

visiting TU

Scene: Sitting at the dinner table with the fam.
Dad: I'm gonna need one of ya'll to go and pick up J tomorrow...I got jury duty.
Everyone: **looking puzzled**
Step-mom: Do they know you got PTSD? You need to show them your papers so you can get out of it.
Dad: **being stubborn** That wasn't listed on the form for me to be dismissed.
Me: Dad, my momma got out for hemm.orhoids, SURELY, telling them you're a little "off" will get you THROWN out.
Dad: **getting agitated** It ain't gon' work!
Step-mom: Well just DAYUM! I sure as hell wouldn't want you on my case...what are the court systems coming to?
Everyone **throwing up hands**

Next day...
8:00: Dad leaves for court.
9:15: Dad returns from court.
Me: What are you doing back so soon.
Dad: Yeah, they told me I was too damn crazy to serve!

these tiny streetcars can be found around the city

Scene: Dad and I are talking about our frustrations with past employment.
Me: Dad, sometimes I feel as if I'm damned if I do or damned if I don't. I spoke up about things and I feel as if it came back to bite me. I'm still a little bitter.
Dad: I know, baby. Sometimes things happen like that. **rolling back in chair** I remember when I was on the railroad and this man started cussing and carrying on and at first, I was calm. But then he put his finger in my face and told me what all I was going to do...**motioning with his hands and talking through clenched teeth**...so when I had my hands around his m*****f****** neck, ya know, people actually looked at me like the sh*t was on me!
**somehow that made me feel better, lol**

in the UC at TU...getting comfy

Scene: Catching up with my girlfriends over dinner, my road dawgs back in college.
E: Ya'll, it has been so long since we all got together.
Me: I know...the last time I saw Keke, her a$$ was on HGTV wearing a damn evening gown when they displayed her new room. Next time warn a sista before I just "happen" to see you on tv.
Keke: Speaking of warnings...ya'll remember when ya girl almost got us all shot up outside the Troll.ey Stop.
E: I believe that was you.
Me: And your funky attitude. In fact, there was no warning. All I saw were ya'll running to the truck while I was talking to some random dudes. I could've been shot up.
Keke: Yeah, those were some good times, hunh? **laughing**

me and my beautiful OLDER sis, lol

Scene: I was lounging around the house with my scarf on my head before I decided to take it off.
Shan (4 y/o niece): What happened to all yo' hair?
Me: I cut it.
Shan: It looks soft.
Me: Well, I'm trying to be like you. **admiring her 4 thick ponytails while getting ready to put my scarf back on**
Shan: Leave it off. I like it.
**heart warmed b/c 4 y/os can be some huge critics**

dad and the grandkids

Scene: Squeezing onto recliner with J.
Me: J, do you miss VA?
J: Yeah.
Me: What do you miss?
J: Our house...my room.
Me: Yeah, I miss your room too.