blinded me with science

Tonight, I went to a patio party for int.erior des.igners at the Scienc.e Tee invited both me and J. You can't beat free food/alcohol and live music. The word "free" is just so sensuous to me. Anyway, when we got there, J kept pulling on me and pointing to the museum b/c that was all he really cared about. I was busy trying to check in with the ladies at the table...get wrist bands and raffle tickets and whatnot. I told him that we'd take a brief tour, but we had to find our people first. I, literally, take 2 steps past the table when my ticket number was called. It took a minute for it to register but when it did, I started grinning and shouting, "That's me, that's me, that's me..." I had no idea what they had said before they started calling numbers, so I just sauntered to the stage and they said,

"You just won a car-..."



Hunh? Damn! OK.

We were overdue for another family portrait anyway, lol.


Terry said...

LOL Hey, ya know what, it's not a bad prize to win. Plus. I know "J" got a kick from it.

Good for you!

LadyLee said...

LOL!! Make sure you keep that "family portrait". In 20 years, It will mean more to you than any free car would have.

Serenity3-0 said...

LOL! Damn.. A car... I was like that had to have been a joke... You know you were happy with your art. Now where you are going to put it?

Utterly-Serene said...

What kinda car you win? Details!

LB said...

@Terry: J did, but he wasn't as moved as I was, lol.
@Leezie: You are right about that.
@S30: I'm happy with it. J wants to put it in the hallway. So it might go there or in his room.
@Serene: LOL!

kisz4tj said...

AWWW...this is adorable!! bawahaaaaaa