spring cleaning

I got THE call:

"Hi, this is Ms. Linda at ****, I'm calling to let you know that J has been to the bathroom twice and now has his head over a trash can, looking as if he's about to spew chunks!"

So, I'm home...working from home (and blogging, for a change...which I can only do at home) while tending to a sick kid. I knew that he was feeling bad when he turned down food and laid in his draws, staring into space. I DID hear a somewhat "thunderous" noise the last time that he ran to the bathroom, so by the looks of my watch I'd say that he'll feel better in another 35-45 minutes.

I'm waiting on J's dad to get here. A few weeks ago, he told J that he'd visit with him during Spring Break, so J has been counting down the days as if its Chris.tmas. He should be here for the next 3 days, so I'll probably spend a lot of time upstairs with my nose in a book or this stack of Archi.tectural Di.gests on my nightstand that I've yet to dig into. Anything to keep him from wanting to tell me his life story and what's going wrong now. I don't mean any harm but I don't really give a damn about his family.

Speaking of the other side of J's family, here's what those crazies look like:

Whew...thank God for my strong genes. LOL, just kidding. I don't remember writing about it, so forgive me if I repeat myself but J and I took some FREE art classes at the local visual arts center in February. We took knitting, batik, and cartooning. Everything was all good when we had separate projects but when we had to work together...well, we had some creative differences, lol. I don't know who taught him to have an opinion. Anyway, since we had so much fun (especially when our superheroes joined forces for cartooning), I signed us up for more FREE classes this month. Last Saturday's class was "pre-Columbian clay sculpture" (translation: FREE). Pictured above is one of J's many creations. I don't know whether to be impressed or concerned.

We were supposed to combine the features of several animals to form one sculpture. Notice how I won't dare to post a picture of my one. J did about 4 of 'em, including that deranged-looking depiction of his daddy...I mean, that mouse head.

Next class, hula hooping. I didn't pick that and am still scratching my head as to why J picked it, but I imagine that it'll be another "knitting" situation. Last session, he picked "knitting" b/c he thought that we were going to make that monster that was strategically-placed by the sign-up sheet. Once J realized that that wasn't going down, his yarn was all over the floor and his knitting needles became drumsticks.

It looks like April is going to be the month of recovery. Have you ever been in a funk, but couldn't really put your finger on what's wrong? I just haven't been feeling it lately...not depressed, but I've been dangling somewhere around 85%. Decent, but I could use some "umph"! I'm glad that spring and baseball season is here, that J and I are in these art classes, and that we're going home the end of this month. I should be back to 100 by May, if not before. I may pick up my drill or my paint brush for good measure...I always feel better after a project, although I had to temporarily table my high-dollar ideas.

I'm trying to stay protective of my vibe as well. There are rumors going around the office that there may be another round of layoffs but I can't even give that energy if I tried. There's no more worry left in me. All I can do is pray about it, review my options, make moves or move on...I can't allow any and everything/everyone to rent out space in my mind. It's definitely time for some spring cleaning.


ali said...

Well, I think J's "whatchamadoogie" looks like a Gremlin..remember those? I wouldn't have been able to do that..I'd just have ball of clay stacked on top of one another...looking crazy. I know what you mean about the spring cleaning,I feel the same way.

kisz4tj said...

Ooooh I wonder if they have those kind of classes in my area. The very fact that you're able to say "All I can do is pray about it, review my options, make moves or move on...I can't allow any and everything/everyone to rent out space in my mind." indicates that you're in a solid state of mind. Hopefully you'll be back at 100% soon.

Pam said...

Hope J feels bettr!

ROFL @ what J's people look like

Praying for you to have peace of mind

chele said...

I'm hoping to be back to 100% by May, myself.


Hope your baby is feeling better. Being sick sucks.